Scalable IT Support For Fast Growing Companies

For fast growing companies rapidly increasing headcount and scaling business, NVOY Technologies provides you with fully managed and professional services for all your IT support and services requirements. 

Managed IT Support

We provide a managed IT Service Desk for users, devices, and core business applications revolving around an ITIL framework. The Service Desk is available online and from 08:30-17:30, 5-days per week supported by our five-tiered technical team of experienced support engineers available to hybrid workforces support via self-service portal, telephone, and email. 

IT Support wherever you are

With more teams working remotely or hybrid, our Service Desk support engineers can support your users from any location. Our Service Portal is always available online for you and your employees. 

Service Portal

Our Service Portal is always available online for you and your employees and provides a centralized location for your employees to access IT support services. This can include submitting and tracking service requests, accessing knowledge base articles and FAQs, and interacting with our IT support staff. 

Professional Services

NVOY Technologies specialise in IT Infrastructure, physical and virtual. We can project manage or support your own project team with almost any site survey, discovery, implementation, installation, deployment, and migration. This includes: 

  • Project Management 
  • Subcontracted Engineers 
  • IT Asset Audits 
  • Device Procurement 
  • Onsite Support 
  • Site Surveys 
  • Technical Discovery & Consulting Advice 
  • Implementations 
  • Deployments
  • Installations
  • Migration

Customised Self-service Portal

Empower your employees to quickly and easily manage their IT support needs with a customized self-service portal. From raising tickets to tracking progress, our portal makes it simple for your employees to get the support they need. 

Our self-service portal follows best ITIL practices, allowing employees to easily raise incidents and requests with an intuitive and user-friendly interface. 

Service Catalogue

Find the exact IT services or knowledge you need with ease from our comprehensive service catalogue and knowledge base. Services include new starter onboarding, leaver offboarding, and more. 

Online Ordering

Streamline the process of acquiring IT services with our online ordering feature. Easily find the regular devices you need from our service catalogue and place your order, with prices clearly displayed for your convenience. 

Customer Success

At NVOY, we pride ourselves on our highly skilled and knowledgeable team who are dedicated to delivering outstanding service levels to our customers. 

We take the time to listen to your needs and work alongside you and your team to provide solutions that meet and anticipate your business requirements. 

Tailored Recommendations

As your trusted IT support partner, we provide tailored recommendations to address your specific pain points and help establish your IT strategy. Your dedicated customer success manager is available to provide guidance and support alongside our technical team. 

Bespoke levels of support

We maintain an open line of communication with our customers, with calls made as frequently as needed based on your business needs. Whether that’s weekly, fortnightly, or monthly, we’re here to support you. Your dedicated Customer Success Manager is there as your main point of contact alongside the technical team.  

Cloud Software License Management 

Say goodbye to juggling multiple invoices and vendors. Our cloud software licensing management service consolidates all your billing into a single monthly invoice, freeing you from the hassle of managing multiple platforms. Trust NVOY to simplify your cloud software licensing today. 


Our multi-vendor support means we can handle everything from Google to Perimeter81, reducing spend, complexity, and administration. 


For organizations working across different regions, we support GBP, USD, and EUR currencies for billing and invoices, with UK and US entities.  

Onboarding New starters & Offboarding Leavers

Our onboarding and offboarding services simplify the complex and time-consuming IT procedures for new hires and departing employees. With our help, you can ensure that your teams are productive and supported from day one, without having to worry about the technical details. 

Onboarding Employees

We provide a fast and stress-free onboarding experience for new hires, with our new starter experience box. This includes hardware procurement, device deployment and management, user account management, and single sign-on. All devices are branded with your company logo for a professional touch. 

Offboarding Employees

We make the process of letting employees go easier, whether it be for negative or positive reasons. We handle the collection, decommissioning, and reprovisioning of their IT equipment, with options for stock holding or secure disposal. This takes the burden off your organization and ensures a smooth transition. 

Productivity Suite Support

Whether you use Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace, we provide support and management of your whole productivity suite. From user account creation and file share permissions to access control and information security, we can help you to deploy, optimise and secure your email, documents, and collaboration tools.

Account Creation and Management

From new starters to leavers, our service will cover your key requirements such as user account creation and file share permissions, reducing administration, and ensuring employees have the right access to the right information, with privacy and data protection in mind.

Optimisation, Consolidation and Migration

Optimise your investment in Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace, enabling enterprise features like Single Sign-on (SSO), whilst consolidating 3rd party applications to enhance security and reduce spend. If you want to migrate from one platform to the other, we can advise and deliver.

Mobile Device Management

With more staff working remotely or hybrid between the office and home, your organisation needs to remotely control, monitor, and enforce policies on your corporate devices.

We provide Mobile Device Management (MDM) software that enables device hardware security and asset management, including hard drive encryption, remote wipe capability, software updates and patching.

Stay up-to-date and secure

Enterprise capability with hard drive encryption, remote wipe and software updates. Device asset management and enrolment.

Best practice and compliance

MDM is a base line requirement for compliance such as Cyber Essentials Plus and is best practice for any business with remote and hybrid employees and geographically distributed corporate devices.

Anti-Virus Management

Safeguard your organization from cyber-attacks with our anti-virus management solution. Ensure secure protection for your corporate and customer data and prevent breaches and data loss. 

Our comprehensive approach provides the necessary security to keep your devices safe and your team productive. We detect, prevent, and eliminate malware across all your corporate devices with reporting capabilities. 

Endpoint and Malware Protection

Protect your devices from malware threats with our endpoint and malware protection. Ensure your team remains productive with a secure environment. 

Access Control and Data Security

Stay in control of who has access to your corporate data and resources with our access control and data security solution. Maintain data privacy and compliance effortlessly. 

Email Security

Protect your organization’s email communications with our comprehensive email security solution. Ensure confidentiality, prevent data breaches, and protect your organization from phishing and other email-borne threats. 

Our solution provides robust protection against spam, malware, and other cyber-attacks. We also offer advanced features such as encryption and archiving to ensure secure email communication and comply with regulatory requirements. 

Protection against Phishing and Spam

Stay protected from phishing attacks and unwanted spam with our advanced email security solution with industry leading solutions for both Microsoft Exchange and Google Mail.

Encryption and Archiving

Ensure confidential and secure email communication with our encryption and archiving solution. Stay compliant with regulatory requirements and maintain a secure email environment. 

Single Sign-On

Single Sign-on (SSO) is a method of authentication that allows for single-account access to multiple services. Single-account means that one email and credential combination will allow access to every supported application.

Security across your key platform

The primary benefit of SSO is security. People find it difficult to remember different username and password combinations across different tools and services. They will either re-use passwords across the different platforms or note them somewhere on the computer or piece of paper. Which can be a major concern for IT administrators.

No need to login every time!

SSO Mitigates the need to keep re-entering usernames and passwords on all the supported day-to-day companies may use. Saving time and improving system usability for users.


VPN provides a private and secure cloud-based network that all corporate devices will connect to for a single point of access to the internet. This secures your internet connection across a hybrid working setup, encrypting web traffic and reducing the risk of traffic interception or data loss.

Fast access to the internet

Next generation VPN technology that delivers outstanding user experience and fast secure connection to the internet and cloud resources

Safe and secure hybrid working

As your employees work from different locations including the office, from home or a coffee shop, it’s critical to protect data outside of the traditional corporate network.

Password Manager

Password managers allow a secure way for users to manage all the passwords they may need for everyday work. Password managers also allow for Multi-factor authentication one-time passcode management in a single pane of glass, removing the need to use multiple authenticator apps. Credentials stored in Password managers are always encrypted.

Ensured Secure Passwords for everyone

Helps to stop users from using simple, repeated or common passwords across user accounts. This greatly reduces the likelihood of successful brute-force attacks on user accounts.

Securely share logins with colleagues

Secures password sharing internally or externally of the organisation. This helps to reduce the risk of users sharing plain test passwords either by email or over the phone. Credentials can be securely stored in shared vaults that users have access to or they can be shared using a secure link which keeps the password encrypted.

Backup & Restore

Just because your data is storage in Microsoft SharePoint or Google Drive it doesn’t mean it’s backed up. It’s important for your business to have a secondary backup and DR plan in the event data is lost, deleted or corrupted.

Business Continuity Planning (BCP)

We can help your business plan and prepare for the worst with secure online backups and rapid data restore.

Retain and restore data on demand

Be compliant and resilient for industry, government and information security standards such as ISO 27001.

Virtual Desktops

Simplify device management and improve security with our Virtual Desktop as a Service solution. Whether you need a BYOD policy or have remote employees, we can help with the distribution and deployment of virtual desktops.  

Our virtual desktop solution provides a secure and easily managed environment, separating your IT infrastructure and productivity systems from the personal devices of your employees. This helps to reduce the risk of data breaches and improve productivity, regardless of location. 

BYOD Policy Support

Our Virtual Desktop as a Service is the perfect solution for organizations with a BYOD policy. Ensure secure access to corporate resources from personal devices and improve device management. 

Remote Access for Employees

Provide remote employees with secure access to corporate resources with our Virtual Desktop as a Service solution. No need for physical IT equipment, just an internet connection is all that’s required. 

Email Signature

Improve the professional appearance of your organization’s emails with a unified email signature. Enhance your brand and ensure consistent communication with an email signature tool.  

Our email signature tool allows for easy creation and management of professional email signatures for all employees. With the ability to include logos, social media links, and contact information, your emails will stand out and leave a lasting impression. 

Unified Email Signature

Ensure consistent communication and improve the professional appearance of your organization’s emails with a unified email signature. 

Brand Enhancement

Enhance your brand with a professional email signature that includes your company logo, social media links, and contact information. Leave a lasting impression with every email sent. 

Telephony and Video Conferencing

With more teams working remotely or in a hybrid environment it’s never been more important to maintain communication and collaboration across all channels when meeting in person is not an available option, whether internally or with customers.

We can help your business to deploy and support cloud communication software including phone systems, video conferencing and collaborative messaging.

Communicate and Collaborate from anywhere on any device

Whether you’re working on a laptop at the office or a smart phone from a coffee shop, seamlessly communicate with your team and customers.

Support and Uptime of your communications platform

We can deploy and support your communication applications, such as Teams, Google Meet and RingCentral, ensuring uptime and the smooth onboarding of new starters.

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