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Background Story


Every company has a story, and ours is no exception. NVOY was not built from need, but from a deep-seated desire to change the modern workplace and the working environment for employees. After leaving my leadership position at a technology start-up, where we took the company from a standstill to over £2m in sales revenue within the first 2 years, I took an 8-month trip across the world across South America, New Zealand, Australia and South East Asia. During that time, I discovered the beauty of being able to work from anywhere, whether it’s from a hotel room, a home office, or even from the beach.

I realised that the next generation of cloud software and flexible working technology could create impactful change for people by creating a happier work environment which would, in turn, create fast growing and successful businesses. The need for efficient and unfailing flexible working capabilities that interlink with collaborative workspaces is more pressing than ever and will drive the new world of work.

After a number of months of thought and planning, NVOY Technologies Ltd was incorporated on 3rd April 2018 from a beach side cafe in Noosa, Australia. Enter NVOY: we provide scalable IT support and services to fast growing companies with the use of cloud software, managed services and flexible working technology. 

Quotemarks Steve Wilde, Founder and CEO

Customer Challenges

As a business scales and reaches around 20-50 employees, the burden of IT support and services increases. It then often falls on and overwhelms the senior leadership team or key staff members, such as the CTO or Head of DevOps. This can include everyday requirements such as user support, configuring laptops or deploying security updates. 

Many fast-growing companies also do not have the right IT systems, best practices and processes in place, especially in areas like mobile device management, cyber security, access control and data protection. Employees are often geographically dispersed, working from home, the office or remotely in different regions, adding even more complexity and challenges for IT support, services and security. All these factors not only put the business at risk, but also causes a major bottle neck for growth. 

Fast growing companies need a trusted IT Managed Service Provider (MSP) with a solution that not only overcomes these challenges and supports the business day to day, but also aligns the technology roadmap with the overall business strategy to facilitate growth.

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NVOY’s Solution

NVOY Technologies specialise in helping fast growing companies to develop and deploy a cloud first scalable IT strategy and provide a full managed service for IT support. The service is ideal for fast growing companies and gives a flexible per user per month purchasing model for IT support, along with the advantage to add other important services as needed, like project work, IT supply, cloud software billing and consultancy services (e.g. ISO compliance).

Our team is experienced across both growing startup companies and larger corporate IT departments, allowing your business to leverage many years’ experience of best practice. Please see below for an overview of our services and solutions that are tailored and bespoke to the specific requirements of companies between 20 and 100 employees.

The Team

Steve Wilde


Peter Wan


Les Kerjenski


Dharmendra Patel


Stevie Brooks


Phil Guthrie

Head of Growth

Grace McAuliffe

Ops Support Coordinator

Ish Lkhagva

Senior Support Engineer

Max Kerjenski

Support Engineer

John Velasco

Growth Representative

Chrizandra Evoces

Growth Representative

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At NVOY, growth isn’t just a goal – it’s the core value at the center of our work. We will help you overcome failures by understanding your objectives and vision and offering solutions that can help solve your challenges and scale your business. We’ll leverage our extensive knowledge and do additional research to develop a custom technical solution for your company that will meet your needs both now and in the future. Leverage our knowledge to develop better teamwork, collaboration, and new opportunities for your team.



At NVOY, we recognize that strong relationships are at the heart of every successful business. We’re here to help you build long-term relationships both within your own team and with the technology providers you work with (including NVOY, of course!). We’ll deliver reliable services that will help you build trust and transparency with your team and your customers. We maintain full accountability for all services so that your relationship with your team and your vendors will be smooth at all times.



At NVOY, we aim to impact not just businesses, but also the people who run them. Let us solve your problems and overcome your challenges with positivity and practical solutions. We are focused on supporting your business’s long-term growth as well as the global community – that’s why we work with companies that support sustainability and long-term value.



Long-term partnerships are ones built upon respect, honesty, clear expectations, and shared outcomes. We partner with the most reliable companies in the world and integrate these values directly into our service to make sure that your business will have unparalleled and uninterrupted service. If you’re looking for a partner that you can rely on, NVOY will not only meet your needs – we’ll exceed your expectations.

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Global Vision

Currently providing services across the UK and Europe, with future plans to build out Global Fulfilment in 2021 and expand into Asia Pacific Region.