About NVOY Technologies


About NVOY Technologies

NVOY Technologies provides scalable IT to fast growing companies with hybrid workforces.


Background of NVOY

NVOY Technologies was founded on April 3rd 2018 from a beach side café in Noosa, Australia, 6 months into a 8 month trip around the world.

I had a vision to create a business that could enable hybrid working for fast growing companies and empower employees with a new way of working that would give a better work life balance.

This in turn would lead to accelerated business growth, outstanding customer and employee experience, with increased contribution, value and profit.

Over the past four years with dramatic changes in work environment due to major global events, enabling hybrid working has never been more relevant. It’s been rewarding to see NVOY grow from myself and a laptop, to a team of 20+ that contributes so much everyday to help our customers succeed.


Who We Work With

As a business scales and reaches around 20-50 employees, the burden of IT support and services increases. It then often falls on and overwhelms the senior leadership team or key staff members, such as the CTO or COO. This can include everyday requirements such as user support, configuring laptops or deploying security updates.

Many fast-growing companies also do not have the right IT systems, best practices and processes in place, especially in areas like mobile device management, cyber security, access control and data protection. Employees are often geographically dispersed, working from home, the office or remotely in different regions, adding even more complexity and challenges for IT support, services and security. All these factors not only put the business at risk, but also causes a major bottle neck for growth.

NVOY Technologies provide outstanding IT support services that address all these challenges and help your business focus on growth and scale.




Service is at the heart of everything we do. We are deeply committed to both the service of others internally and externally. Therefore, we deliver outstanding results because we have established a culture of exceptional service.



We believe that growth is an integral piece to who we are and why we exist. Whether it’s a team member looking to grow their career or a customer looking to expand their ideas of what’s possible for their organisation. Therefore, we understand that the path forward is going to be one that requires vision and we believe in investing in the growth needed to help us get there.



We embrace big ideas by providing innovative, creative, and cutting-edge solutions both within the workplace and our industry. We see change and tough problems simply as opportunities to find creative solutions. Bottom line – we listen. We innovate. We deliver.



We believe in creating an inclusive, open, and collaborative environment. One where every voice is heard, every opinion matters, and every role is appreciated and valued. We work together as a team as part of a bigger mission, and in partnership with our clients towards a shared vision and goal.



We understand that our clients place a lot of trust in us with their data and security. We honour that trust through every step of our partnership. We do what we say we are going to do and we act with integrity, even when it is the more difficult choice.

Meet the team

About Steve

Steve is our Founder and CEO and has a real passion for hybrid working and the positive impact it can make on people’s lives. With a background in enterprise sales and building other successful IT MSP’s, he is focused on growing and empowering our team to provide outstanding service to customers. Family, travel, fitness, and cooking are his main interests, when not dreaming about working on his laptop from the beach.

Steve Wilde


About Peter

Peter is responsible for outlining the company’s technological vision and implementing technology strategies that are aligned with the company’s business goals. Peter is known as a globetrotter and supports Arsenal.

Peter Wan


Dharmendra Patel


About Guy

Guy is an advisor to the Board of NVOY with a focus on business growth. He has over 30 years’ experience growing technology companies across EMEA and APAC covering a wide span of application software solutions. During his career he has travelled extensively and continues to revisit favourite places and explore new locations.

Guy Phillips


About Lennys

Lennys is responsible for a range of internal operations across the business; including HR, Health and Safety, Finance, Procurement and Company Secretarial. She has worked in a similar role across different industries from Tech to Finance to Healthcare and is now committed to helping NVOY and their clients grow. Lennys loves to travel and has a passion for the arts.

Lennys Santos

Operations Manager

About Andrius

Andrius is responsible for the development and management of the Service Desk function. With experience in Service Desk and IT Operations departments and a growing IT engineer team here at NVOY, he striving for continuous improvement and increased performance, which would result in excellent IT support delivered to our customers. In his spare time, Andrius loves spending time with family, enjoys cooking, and has a big passion for mechanical watches and needless to say – Tech.

Andrius Uselis

Service Desk Manager

Tom Hume

IT Infrastructure Engineer

About Vanessa

Vanessa is responsible for Customer Success at NVOY.  After working with various start-ups in multiple sectors, she has honed in on providing the highest level of support. She is focused on working alongside fast growing businesses to ensure they receive the best experience with NVOY. Vanessa is a foodie & coffee enthusiast who is known to schedule a meeting that includes coffee and a sweet treat.

Vanessa Silva

Customer Success Manager

Joshua Evison

Support Engineer(Senior)

About Ryan

Ryan oversees operations and project management at NVOY and serves as the primary liaison in the Asia Pacific region. As an experienced enterprise solution architect and program manager for Fortune500 and FTSE100 companies, Ryan has implemented large-scale supply chain projects covering ERP Systems, Warehouse Management Systems, eCommerce, and digital transformation projects in Asia Pacific, Europe, and the American regions. Ryan likes to spend time with his family and enjoys travelling and taking photos.

Ryan Cochan

Regional Manager ‑ APAC and US

About John

I lead the team of data research in the Philippines, researching and looking for possible leads that could be converted into clients.
My main strength lies in data research where I innovate & use different kinds of tools that would help business growth and achieve goals. I would scour and research to achieve customer satisfaction.

Born and raised in the Philippines. I love to read anything that piques my interest; It could be about science, business, world news, and/or gaming. During my free time, I go to the beach and relax, as well as play a lot of video games.

John Velasco

Sales Support Representative

Yasmin Osman

Operations Support Co-ordinator

Sufyaan Patel

Support Engineer

About Ronalyne

I’m a First Line Support Engineer at NVOY Technologies. Previously I have worked within retail/hospitality and studied Travel and Tourism.

My hobbies are going to the gym, playing video games and going out for drinks with friends.

Ronalyne Canlas

Support Engineer

Rhea Gerald

Support Engineer

About Kassem

Kassem works as a first line engineer at NVOY Technologies, providing effective IT support for clients.

Having recently graduated, he’s very excited by the challenging yet fulfilling role here at NVOY.

He enjoys playing football, video games, & going out for drinks with friends on the weekend.

Kassem Ayandeji

Support Engineer

Clayton Okou

Support Engineer

Don’t waste anymore time building laptops and handling IT support.