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Thrive Mental Wellbeing is the only wellbeing app for the workplace to be approved by the NHS and provides whole-person solutions for workplaces and individuals. These help them overcome periods of stress and help them care for their long-term mental health, through clinical-grade evidence-based techniques and providing in-app access to trained therapists. 

 As a social impact company, Thrive Mental Wellbeing’s overarching aim is to help people live happier and less stressful lives; supporting them through depression, stress, anxiety, or phobias; and helping them improve their wellbeing at all levels.  

Developed in the UK by specialists with many years of clinical experience, Thrive Mental Wellbeing’s app uses easy-to-learn clinically proven techniques to help you live a happier, more relaxed, stress-free life. Our in-depth tools include Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, deep muscle relaxation, and much more! Get in touch to join the millions of users currently benefiting from our app today. 

What Challenges around IT were you facing before working with NVOY? 

Thrive had just closed Series A and was scaling, adding new employees and working with larger clients. We had an internal project to certify with ISO 27001 as security was a key requirement. We were looking to add capabilities and security enhancements like Mobile Device Management, Cyber Security and VPN. We didn’t have an in-houses IT team or lead, so needed some expertise and a service to help us implement IT system upgrade and support users as the business scaled. 

When we first partnered with NVOY it was a very different time. We were scaling quickly and have grown massively since. 

As a Health Care company, we deal with a lot of patient data and have a lot of contractual obligations to ensure every device and phone is secure. Advisors were needed where we didn’t have the expertise – internally for security in particular. 

What Solutions did NVOY provide for you and how did they address those challenges? 

One of the 1st projects was VPN. NVOY helped a lot. We used to have to double sign on through 40 clients, which just didn’t work as firstly, it wasn’t very efficient and more frustratingly, kept logging everyone out after a short time. So, NVOY reviewed this process and built in Single-Sign-On (SSO) functionality along with Mobile Device Management (MDM) software, meaning each device was registered through NVOY and there’s not been any complaints since being introduced. 

This coupled with a seamless integration while sourcing all our phones has meant we can focus on our more strategic work and not worry about compliance or downtime. 

The Service desk team have been really helpful too as on some occasions we have had issues with hardware and NVOY have now given us a logistical go to 24 hours a day. 

How have these solutions provided success? 

“As it’s only me in Operations, it’s a game changer as it saves me a load of time and I don’t need to worry about any IT issues – we just need to contact tech support then they take the pain, time and effort away”, comments Akhil. 

On a side to that, NOVY really helped with onboarding, there was an influx of new starters over a 6-month period. Google accounts and user access etc. within 24 hours from making the request, the new starter was already set up and running. 

We are now confident we have the right IT support and security in place, along with working on a long-term technology roadmap where we can implement the right IT solutions and services to support the growth of our business. 


As it’s only me in Operations, it’s a game changer as it saves me a load of time and I don’t need to worry about any IT issues – we just need to contact tech support then they take the pain, time and effort away

Don’t waste anymore time building laptops and handling IT support.