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A robust global IT support solution, reducing downtime and ensuring proactive planning and compliance across the business.

Company Overview

Hybrid Theory is a new breed of digital services partner for brands and agencies, offering flexible solutions, hands-on support and independent managed execution.

Founded in 2011 and headquartered in London, Hybrid Theory has hubs in New York and Singapore, with satellite offices in six other markets. Clients include Dell, Geico, Croc’s, and OQ. Hybrid Theory holds several international industry awards for its work and unique user-centric, holistic approach to audience discovery, including Programmatic Power Players 2021, Best Use of Audience Insights in Digiday Media Awards Europe 2021, and MarTech Outlook Top 10 Ad Management Solutions Provider in APAC 2022.

What challenges around IT were you facing before working with NVOY?

There were many issues that revolved around not having a global solution, says Lilly French, the Executive Assistant to the CEO & Office Manager at Hybrid Theory.

Gunit Puri​, the Head of Finance added to this saying that there was ‘no understanding of our GDPR responsibilities in various territories.

  • No strategic look at how we improve our current IT systems in regards to process and procedures
  • No Global Support for all our local offices, only UK centric.

These above key issues were the reason we needed new IT support and over the past year we have noticed big changes, not least having a Customer Success Manager who understood what we were trying to do in regards to a coherent strategy for improving our systems.

What Solutions did NVOY provide for you?

The NVOY team initially did an audit of existing IT processes and gap analysis. Then they arranged Bi-weekly meetings, leading to
a more holistic and strategic understanding of what we (Hybrid Theory) needed.

The result was a Global Solution for all our entities with a dedicated 24-hour support service, across phone, email and now the self-service portal.

How have these solutions provided success?

Gunit told us that “being able to get 24/5 support and bring in a presence in new territories so we had local support presence, the ability to be agile enough to support during covid the sending and receipt of laptops so that all new starters had the ability to start with us without any major issues. Management of all our IT systems so that the staff can be added/removed without the need for HT staff to be involved. In addition it has given me the ability to walk away from my role of managing IT support and be able to get back to my day job of heading the finance team.

Lilly also commented that “we’re now able to look 6-12 months ahead in terms of business planning and processes”


It has given me the ability to walk away from my role of managing IT support and be able to get back to my day job of heading the finance team.

Don’t waste anymore time building laptops and handling IT support.