Managed IT Support


Service Desk Support Team

Here at NVOY Technologies, we’ve built an easy-to-use online service desk portal just for you, staffed by our friendly and knowledgeable support engineers. They’re not just tech-savvy; they’re people-savvy too, so you can expect outstanding customer service every time you need help. 

Our Approach

We follow the ITIL framework and have ISO 27001 certification, but what really sets us apart is our commitment to keeping things simple and secure for your business. Our team is regularly trained on the latest tech, so you’re getting advice that’s both current and easy to understand.

Support Team

Our support team is available from 08:30 to 17:30, five days a week. Our aim is to make your life easier by taking IT support and security off your plate. This lets you focus on what you do best: running your business. With NVOY, you‘re not just getting technical support; you‘re getting a friendly and dedicated team that genuinely wants to see your business succeed. 

Engineer Onsite Support

Complementing our online service desk, NVOY Technologies offers specialised onsite support for your IT needs. Our proficient engineers are available at your offices for 1 to 5 days per week, seamlessly integrating technical expertise with effective people skills to enhance your team’s operational efficiency and IT services.

Effective Communication and Technical Proficiency

Our engineers do more than just resolve hardware and software issues; they’re also highly effective communicators who easily adapt to your team’s dynamics. They excel in translating technical language into terms easily understood, making them a valuable extension of your existing team.

A Visible and Approachable Presence 

The availability of an onsite engineer adds an extra layer of immediate, hands-on support. Their visible presence enables a closer engagement with your team, aiding in rapid issue identification and resolution. Whether assisting with the onboarding of new employees or tackling real-time IT challenges, our engineers provide a level of service that is both attentive and reassuring. 

Onboarding and Offboarding 

NVOY Technologies streamlines the processes of introducing new hires and managing leavers. With our services, you’ll save time, enhance data protection, and ensure a positive first-day experience for newcomers. We equip new staff with ready-to-use devices, complemented by our tailored onboarding sessions, either remote or in-person. When employees depart, we securely manage the return and redeployment of assets and revoke access, safeguarding your business’s data. 

Onboarding Employees 

A smooth start on the first day is crucial for new hires and their perception of your business. With NVOY, new starters are provided with secure devices ready for use. Depending on your chosen service package, we offer tailored onboarding sessions, ensuring each new member is set up for success. 

Offboarding Employees 

Efficient offboarding is key to protecting assets and data. We oversee the collection of devices from departing staff and removing access. Returned devices are either repurposed or responsibly disposed of, maintaining your IT asset inventory.

Customer Success and Tech Roadmap 

Your success is our success at NVOY Technologies. We go beyond just solving immediate IT problems; we’re dedicated to helping you thrive long-term. Our approach is rooted in understanding your specific business needs and crafting a customized IT strategy to meet those needs. 

Your Dedicated Customer Success Manager

Working with NVOY for Manged IT Support and Security you are aligned with your own dedicated Customer Success Manager who becomes your go-to expert for all things IT. Always there to guide you, they ensure that you’re making the most of our services and that your needs are continually met as your business evolves.

Strategic Tech Roadmaps for Your Business

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. We work closely with you to develop a tailored tech roadmap that aligns with your business strategy and growth plans. With your Customer Success Manager leading the way and backed by our skilled technical team, we focus not just on solving today’s problems, but on preparing you for tomorrow’s opportunities. 

Customisable Self-service Portal

Empower your employees to quickly and easily manage their IT support needs with a customised self-service portal. From raising tickets to tracking status updates, our portal makes it simple for your employees to get the support they need. Our self-service portal follows best ITIL practices, allowing employees to easily raise tickets and service requests with an intuitive and user-friendly interface.

Service Catalogue 

Find the exact IT service or knowledge you need with ease from our comprehensive service catalogue and knowledge base. Services include new starter onboarding, leaver offboarding, and more. 

Online Ordering

Streamline the process of purchasing IT equipment with our online ordering feature. Easily find the regular devices you need from our service catalogue and place your order, with prices clearly displayed for your convenience. 

Productivity Suite Management

Whether you use Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace, we provide support and management of your productivity suite. From user account creation and file share permissions to access control and information security, we can help you to deploy, optimise and secure your email, documents, and collaboration tools.

Account Creation and Management

From new starters to leavers, our service will cover your key requirements such as user account creation and file share permissions, reducing administration, and ensuring employees have the right access to the right information, with privacy and data protection in mind.

Optimisation, Consolidation and Migration

Optimise your investment in Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace, enabling enterprise features like Single Sign-on (SSO), whilst consolidating 3rd party applications to enhance security and reduce spend. If you want to migrate from one productivity suite to the other, we can advise and deliver.

Cloud Software Billing and Management

Say goodbye to juggling multiple subscription invoices and software vendors. Our cloud software licensing management service consolidates all your billing into a single monthly invoice, freeing you from the hassle of managing multiple software vendors and billing platforms. Trust NVOY to simplify your cloud software licensing today. 


Our multi-vendor support means we can handle everything software and billing from Microsoft 365 to 1Password, reducing spend, complexity, and administration. We can monitor and negotiate software renewals and keep you updated on new feature releases.


For organizations working across different regions, we support GBP, USD, and EUR currencies for billing and invoicing, with UK and US corporate entities. This can help your business expansion and operations across multiple regions.

Cloud Telephony and Video Conferencing

With more teams working remotely or in a hybrid environment it’s never been more important to maintain communication and collaboration across all channels when meeting in person is not an available option. We can help your business to deploy and support cloud communication software including phone systems, video conferencing and collaborative messaging.

Communicate and collaborate from anywhere on any device

Whether you’re working on a laptop at the office or a smart phone from a coffee shop, seamlessly communicate with your team and customers.

Support and uptime of your communications platform

We can deploy and support your communication applications, such as Teams, Google Meet and RingCentral, ensuring uptime and the smooth onboarding of new starters.

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