Password Manager


Password Manager

Password managers allow a secure way for users to manage all the passwords they may need for everyday work. Not only does it securely store and manage all your credentials, but it also facilitates multi-factor authentication through a unified interface, eliminating the need for multiple authenticator apps. Every password stored is encrypted for maximum security. NVOY can provide both the initial implementation and ongoing support for marketing leading software vendors like 1Password.

Enhance Security with Strong, Unique Passwords

Our supported Password Manager ensures that users avoid the pitfalls of weak or repetitive passwords, thereby dramatically reducing the risk of successful brute-force attacks. With stronger, unique passwords, you bolster the first line of defence for your user accounts.

Share Credentials Safely with Team Members

With a Password Manager in place, sharing sensitive login details becomes a secure, hassle-free process. Whether it’s within your organisation or with external parties, you can share encrypted passwords through secure vaults or protected links, thereby avoiding risky practices like sending plain text passwords via email or over the phone.

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