The Future of Customer Experience & Engagement


Communications are going digital.

Social media, online services, mobile and messaging applications have become part of our everyday lives. This has changed the way customers interact with businesses and brands. Customers now expect exceptional service in real-time through the digital channels of their choice, from WhatsApp and SMS to Facebook Messenger, Instagram and Twitter.

In this 60-minute online webinar we’ll be showing you how leading businesses are now transforming interactions with customers – using omni-channel digital cloud contact centre platforms like RingCentral Engage Digital.

We’ll be looking at how your business can:

– Communicate with customers wherever they are in their preferred way

– Provide a consistent experience across all digital channels

– Build personal connections with customers through a single omni-channel platform

– Leverage machine learning and AI to understand what customers really want

– Engage with customers through your mobile applications and websites

– AND Communicate with customers in real time to deliver an outstanding customer experience

Today your customers live in a digital world and your business needs a single platform to manage every digital interaction. Join NVOY Technologies and RingCentral for this interactive online webinar and learn more about the Future of Customer Experience & Engagement.


Mark Finnigan
Mark Finnigan
Customer Experience Evangelist at RingCentral