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Cloud Telephony & PBX with RINGCENTRAL

CreativeDrive Upgrades Legacy VoIP Telephony System


CreativeDrive is a tech-based, global production services company offering bespoke content solutions at unprecedented speed and one of the largest studio networks in the world. The business was looking at new technologies, in advance of an office move, and wanted to enhance user experience and team communications.


Like many companies, CreativeDrive had a legacy VoIP service that did not provide the functionality and scale that the business required. It was difficult to manage and took a long time for new users to be provisioned with a telephone service. The audio and service quality were unreliable, and the system lacked remote working capability, which also added more complications to the office move.



NVOY Technologies worked with the IT team at CreativeDrive to understand user and business requirements, providing insights, demonstrations and market analysis on the leading technology vendors. RingCentral Cloud Telephony and PBX was recommended as a best fit solution. RingCentral would give CreativeDrive employees the enterprise voice capability that was needed, whilst giving the IT ease of management, fast deployment and seamless integrations with other key business applications like Office 365.


CreativeDrive now have an enterprise grade business phone system in the cloud, allowing employees to make and receive phone calls from anywhere on any device. The IT team can easily provision new users and manage the phone system online via the RingCentral admin console, without any need for on-premises PBX hardware or SIP Trucks.


RingCentral gives us an enterprise solution for our business phone system, providing flexibility, ease of use and more recently, resiliency and business continuity, to adapt quickly to remote working.

Quotemarks Garry Myles - Technical Director, EMEA