Onboarding and Offboarding


Onboarding and Offboarding

NVOY Technologies streamlines the processes of introducing new hires and managing leavers. With our services, you’ll save time, enhance data protection, and ensure a positive first-day experience for newcomers. We equip new staff with ready-to-use devices, complemented by our tailored onboarding sessions, either remote or in-person. When employees depart, we securely manage the return and redeployment of assets and revoke access, safeguarding your business’s data.

Onboarding Employees

A smooth start on the first day is crucial for new hires and their perception of your business. With NVOY, new starters are provided with secure devices ready for use. Depending on your chosen service package, we offer tailored onboarding sessions, ensuring each new member is set up for success.

Offboarding Employees

Efficient offboarding is key to protecting assets and data. We oversee the collection of devices from departing staff and removing access. Returned devices are either repurposed or responsibly disposed of, maintaining your IT asset inventory.

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