Productivity Suite Management


Productivity Suite Management

Choosing the best Productivity Suite for your business

Whether you’re a google or Microsoft house, you’re covered with NVOY.

Google Workspace is a great option for smaller companies, offering smaller businesses and start-ups all the solo entrepreneur features required. Providing cloud based software that is compatible with hybrid working, remote working and team collaborations.

Microsoft 365 has all the apps, collaborative toolsets needed to be covered for security (MDM, 2FA/MFA and more) whilst having secure collaboration capabilities (Onedrive & Sharepoint) and productivity apps such as Word, PowerPoint for example all that is required for a company of any size, for a low cost premium licence without having to bring in a number of other external apps to get the same levels of security and compliance as you do with Google.

Consider the following factors when deciding which productivity suite is the best one for you:

  • Your documentation and storage needs
  • Security & Compliance
  • Scalability options
  • What are your collaboration requirements and needs
  • What your users are accustomed to

Both Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 both allow for effective work and collaboration across your workforce.


Migration from Google to Microsoft

There is a growing trend in the market where more and more companies are moving away from Google and preferring to use Microsoft 365 across the business.

Often, this is when the founders and senior team were using Google Workspace as it was quick and easy to set up but now it isn’t necessarily fit for purpose as they grow and evolve as a business. For example, where data confidentiality is critical to the business or they are looking to work with larger clients and need to be compliant.

We have found that this is generally due to Google requiring additional products to be compliant due to missing components in its Productivity Suite, such as Active Directory, MDM & Anti-virus, which are all included in Microsoft.

NVOY Technologies can help your business through Managed IT Support Services available 24 hours a day

If you are considering moving from Google Workspace to Microsoft 365, then NVOY can manage the whole process for you, from discovery of existing Google accounts, stored data and files, through to migration and implementation of Microsoft 365 for all users, ensuring there is no data loss, meaning everyone and everything is running smoothly once completed… all with ongoing support.

Don’t waste anymore time building laptops and handling IT support.