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Cloud Telephony with RingCentral Global Office

LGC moves to RingCentral for regional presence across APAC


Lewis Glanz Consulting (LGC) are one of the fasting growing recruitment companies in Asia Pacific (APAC) with over 100 employees and operations expanding into the U.K. and Europe. The company’s head office is in Manila, Philippines, with further branch offices across the region in countries such as Japan and Singapore. The business needed a telephony solution that was fast to deploy and would work across multiple geographies, whist showing local presence and language in countries of operation. There was also the desire to increase productivity and performance with integrations and reporting.


The rapid expansion of LGC ‘s business, increasing employee headcount and supporting operations across multiple countries was causing several challenges for the business. From an operations perspective, it was time consuming and admin heavy to setup new telephony services within country and to connect and route calls. From a cost perspective, it was expensive having multiple local landline providers and additional mobile phones to make phone calls, with no way to show regional presence or ensure that outbound calls were being made on a local or inclusive minute rate. The business also had limited options when it came to call stat reporting and integrating phone systems with Salesforce CRM to measure sales team performance and increase productivity.


NVOY Technologies worked closely with the senior leadership team at LGC to understand the user and business requirements. Detailed analysis was carried out into the sales process and how integrating the phone system with Salesforce CRM could help increase productivity and give more visibility of individual activity and team performance. RingCentral Global Office was recommended as a best fit solution for Cloud Telephony to give both regional presence and local numbers, along with fast deployment and simple centralised management in the cloud. This also vastly improved the quality of phone calls, with seamless integration with Salesforce making it easy for recruitment consultants to make calls with advanced features such as click-to-call and auto call logging.


LGC now have an enterprise grade business phone system that is easy to manage and rapidly deploy via the cloud, available across multiple countries with regional and local dialling presence. This has not only reduced costs and administration time but has also increased productivity for the sales team and improved the users experience for recruitment consultants when communicating with clients and candidates across APAC.


NVOY Technologies have helped us with our global unified communications strategy and to deploy RingCentral for our team and international branch sites. This has help us to provide a secure, reliable and compliant service to our customers and expand quickly into new markets. Thank you to the team at NVOY for all your work and help. We look forward to continuing and growing our partnership.

Quotemarks Oliver Lewis - Founder and Managing Director