IT Downtime


IT Downtime

What is IT downtime? Why is it important?

IT downtime doesn’t just mean a full system outage, such as a power cut or a broken down server.

Downtime can be due to a smaller incident that will ultimately impact your business. These can affect your overall profit and productivity. For example, slow websites and online tools can reduce the effectiveness of our service long term, for both your customers and employees.

Downtime can also occur due to:

  • Overloaded servers due to high traffic
  • Your team being tied up on IT issues rather than completing their work
  • Data breaches and data losses

Cost of downtime

Unplanned IT problems are very common, with Forbes (2022) reporting that “82% of companies have experienced at least one unplanned downtime incident over the past three years.” Of these companies, many have experienced two or more downtime incidents.

When these problems strike, your overall profits can decrease. Unplanned downtime can increase costs as productivity within your team grinds to a halt. This can go on indefinitely until the problem is fixed, and can effect your ability to make more sales and provide services.

Keep costs low with managed IT support

Forbes (2022) reported that “predictive and preventative methods are better at boosting uptime and keeping production running.”

You can’t know what a downtime incident will actually cost you until it happens. By outsourcing your IT support to a team of specialists you can be sure your business is supported 24 hours a day. Productivity will be maintained. Your team can stay on task, instead of sorting out IT problems. Their expertise can be put to better use to improve your company.

With a managed IT infrastructure you can also plan ahead and budget to cover the monthly subscription or usage fees, to ensure low costs.

Effective Onboarding Experience

Did you know 83% of employers use an employee onboarding process? (CandE 2021). That means it’s time for you to implement an effective onboarding process within your company this year.

A great onboarding process is structured and scalable. And this doesn’t just mean administrative paperwork. You want your new employee to feel valued and a successful member of your team.

But having a strong onboarding process can be difficult, especially to manage consistently as you scale. Read the points below to find out why it is important to develop and improve your onboarding experience.

Why it is important to onboard new starters properly:

– Establishes a good, supported workplace culture

– New starters feel fully prepared to work with equipment and team support

– Help to prioritise and improve your company’s overall employee experience and workplace well-being

Ensure your team has the correct fundamentals for onboarding, to grow your staff and improve the overall employee experience.

At NVOY Technologies we can help to improve your new starter onboarding experience. We provide bespoke new starter remote bundles which ensure employees have everything they need to work, from whatever the location. The bundles include a pre-configured laptop, company welcome, and home work environment (keyboard and mouse). These are delivered in a single package branded with your company logo.

We can also recommend virtual meet and greets with your team and new employees, to ensure your team is supported from the beginning. This will help employees get settled into the company and make introductions.

Contact us on 020 3965 9631 or visit to find out more about how we can improve your new starter onboarding experience today.

Why is 24 hour IT support important?

Speak to a member of our team on 020 3965 9631 or visit if you’re thinking of outsourcing to a trusted, remotely managed IT service provider today.

Out of hours operation

You can’t know when IT problems will occur. With round-the-clock help, you can be sure problems are fixed whatever the time. This will help to keep your business running smoothly, without having to wait for help. Support will be there whenever you need it.

Problems get fixed quick

With IT problems, especially large ones, we understand you may not be able to wait until the morning for the problem to be fixed. That’s why with our 24 hour helpdesk, we can offer a faster solution compared to ones only available during office hours. This will help to get your business back to normal quicker, saving time and costs.

Remote and in person support

With 24 hour support, your business will benefit from remote and in person solutions. You can improve employee experience from wherever the working location, with both remote and in person support. This can also be used to develop a global culture while embracing local differences conducted by a team of multi-faceted specialists.

The benefits of outsourcing your IT support

2022 is the year for growth, and what better way to help with scaling your business than outsourced IT support!

Your business could be in need of a managed IT service this year. Look to outsource all or part of your IT support, in order to increase productivity, connectivity, and scalability.

Here are 5 benefits of outsourcing your IT to a managed service provider.

1. Saving time.

The time you and the leadership team will save alone from NVOY handling device deployments, day-to-day IT support, user admin issues, etc, would cover the cost of the service several times over.

2. Improved productivity.

Instead of getting existing employees to help navigate IT issues, outsourcing can help your staff focus on their core roles. NVOY can give you reliable expertise to get problems fixed quickly.

3. Decreasing the overall IT infrastructure costs.

Housing your own IT team can be expensive, with lots of different costs associated such as salary, price of recruitment, company benefits, insurance, training, and taxes. Most fast-growing businesses cannot afford what comes with in-house teams, so that’s where outsourcing matters. By outsourcing your IT support needs, you pay for only the services you need, helping to keep running costs low.

4. A 24-hour fully staffed IT department at a fraction of the cost.

You will have access to a team of experts 24 hours a day, five days a week. This means IT problems can be fixed quickly, even out of office hours, which can decrease downtime and keep running costs low.

5. Peace of mind!

By outsourcing, you will have peace of mind that the IT infrastructure of your company is taken care of. With a team of IT experts who specialize in different areas, you can be sure they will be there for all your IT needs and will remove the pain of IT. This means you and your team will be able to put more time and energy into running your business.

Get in touch today to find out how we can help your business thrive this year.

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The Laptop, The Scale Up and The Kitchen Table

Your company is scaling up and you’re now reaching the next stage of business maturity. Now the focus is how to keep up with the challenges that business expansion brings with that.

Unfortunately, pre-built laptops often don’t come with the software and features that your company and employees need, not to mention having to source and pay high street prices for the right laptop.

It is here, where The COO / CTO / IT Director, whomever it is that is responsible for your IT management, meets the kitchen table or spare desk in the office. Evenings spent procuring another unconfigured laptop online or even from the local shop, then ensuring it’s set up with all the company’s software, apps and logins ready to be delivered to your newly on boarded employees.

Delighted and proud of your company’s growth it is crucial to keep this exciting expansion realistic and manageable. By taking care of the IT Infrastructure, your company remains sustainable ensuring growth at a pace where you can continue to deliver excellent standards and services at all times.

Get in touch today with NVOY Technologies who can help take away the stress of expansion, providing your growing business with trusted, remotely managed IT services that support the day-to-day running of your business and keep all operations efficient.

NVOY procure, set up & deliver globally laptops and all other essential hybrid working equipment that are specifically customised to your company’s standards. Equipment is delivered to any location with a fully branded welcome pack.

NVOY Technologies specialise in the IT industry and is here for you and your business 24/5 days per week. Scalable IT solutions for fast growing companies.

Cyber Essentials

Protecting your business from data leaks and fines due to data breaches should be at the top of your ‘Good Business Practices’ list of things to do.

Does your company demonstrate to your customers and partners that you take yours and their cyber security seriously?

Read on to learn more about 5 Cyber Essential Controls and how to keep your business safe.

1) Firewalls

These ensure the safety of not only your networks but also devices and your employees, which is crucial for keeping your company secure and compliant. Firewalls prevent unauthorised access by determining who has permission to access private networks and allowing you to control where your users go. More than antivirus software, Firewalls safeguard against attacks and external threats from gaining access to your systems.

2) Secure Configuration

This is a key figure for any business. Both web server and application server configurations play vital roles in your company’s cyber security. By managing your computer and network devices with the proper configurations of your servers, will in turn prevent and help avoid security problems and any unauthorised actions or threats being carried out.

3) User Access Control

When you don’t implement an effective user access control management system, you put your business at risk. Prevent insalubrious individuals and groups from gaining open access to your sensitive data, by keeping all of your business information and data services to a minimum. Users with higher risk permissions should be authorised employees only and managed effectively. Having too many users with privileged admin rights can create opportunities for any criminal hacker to gain access.

4) Malware Protection

Malicious software gains access to your system and begins to steal confidential data, corrupting files and documents causing you to lose access to your sensitive information, resulting in irreparable damage. It is essential that you protect your business and prevent loss or damage with malware protection.

5) Security Update Management

Stay up to date with the latest software and applications for all your network devices, preventing security threats and cyber attacks. A business can find itself vulnerable to exploitation by criminal hackers without proper security update management.

NVOY Technologies understands how vital it is to ensure that your company is not left vulnerable to exploitation by criminal hackers. Contact us on 020 3965 9631 or visit to learn more about what NVOY can do for your business.